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Mar 10, 2011 11:00am EST
, mike, stay on it for us. martha: from the capitol in wisconsin to our nice's capitol controversial hearings on radicalization in the american, muslim community. christian, jewish muslim groups are protesting outside as this is happening. household chairman paoeuter king is receiving roupb the clock security. in opening remarks kings addressed the controversy but stressed the importance of moving forward with the hearings, take a listen. >> i'm well aware that the announcement of these hearings has generated considerable controversy and opposition. some of this opposition such as my colleague and friends has been measured and thoughtful. other opposition both from special interest groups and the media has ranged from disbelief to rage and hysteria. let me make it clear today that i remain convinced that these hearings must go forward and they will. martha: well we're a few hours into the hearings now. shannon bream is live in washington with the latest. congressman ellison was very emotional this morning. what brought that on, what did he have to say in his testimony. >> reporter: h
Mar 10, 2011 7:00am EST
looted most of the anti-aircraft guns from army barracks. most of the fighters aren't even trained to use them. and they shoot them wildly, hoping to hit a jet. this 22-year-old fighter is a student in college, studying mechanics. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: what do you know about firing a weapon? >> i'm killing. fight. fight the animals. >> reporter: are you scared? >> i'm not scared because my god is for me. you know? and my father. >> reporter: for often than not, the jets miss their targets. but for the opposition, this has been an extremely deadly place. gadhafi forces have pushed back hard here. and in a city just 30 miles from tripoli. and now, his ruthless crackdown has extended to journalists. when a bbc team tried to cover the fighting near the capital, they were picked up by gadhafi fighters and experienced firsthand how the regime treats its enemies. >> got in a cage. and put hoods on our heads and handcuffed us. i heard the noises. they were getting ready. >> i just closed my eyes. and prayed to help me. >> and started shouting, go, go. and i thought they were going to shoot us
Mar 9, 2011 9:00pm EST
the more that people like you who have this incredible platform to come from who are -- i don't want to use the word enabling but sort of egging him on, tickling that little funny bone that says, yeah, yeah, this is -- hey, i've got dna and i feel like people love to watch a circus, right? it's not funny anymore. >> no, here's the thing, i would take part of that. here's the problem. charlie sheen is not just some degenerate guy we picked off the street. >> of course, he isn't. >> let's remind what we're dealing with. he is currently until last week the highest paid -- >> no, no, he's an addict. who gives a crap about how much he's paid or how famous he is. >> let me make a point. there are two strands to the charlie sheen story. he is an addict according to you. he denies that. i can see the evidence is pretty compelling. he might be but he also is of hugely successful actor. the top of his game. >> not anymore. he's not at the top of his game. >> until he was fired. >> but there are two sides to the charlie sheen story. he is a legitimate news story. certainly a guy to be interviewing. >>
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)